L.D. Coon and Son, Inc. created their Poured Concrete Division after Wesley took over the business in 2001. He and eldest son Mike
developed the branch together and set the ground work. Three years later they teamed with Joshua Kuhnen who has an extensive history
in the concrete industry. Together, Mike and Josh have worked on a wide array of projects from  residential foundations to a dam for a
twenty acre lake. Be it a residential foundation or a new outdoor basketball court, our
Concrete Division is ready and able to provide you
with efficient and superb work.

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials. It provides superior fire resistance and can gain strength over time. Energy
requirements for transportation of concrete are low because it is produced locally from local resources - Similarly, relatively little energy is
used in producing and combining the raw materials. Once in place, concrete offers significant energy efficiency over the

lifetime of a building.

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Here are some various photos of just some of the concrete work L. D. Coon and Son has done over the years!